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  • Creating goal setting template

    Creating goal setting template

  • The amazing pipeline story

    The amazing pipeline story

  • The power of circle of influence

    The power of circle of influence

  • The history of Franchising

    The history of Franchising

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How to franchise a lotto outlet in Philippines




lotto-outletHow to franchise a lotto outlet in Philippines? This is the most common inquiries that I got everytime I got into conversation with people with like minds. I decided to write down the information I knew towards establishing a lotto outlet in Philippines.

The Philippine Lotto franchise is governed by Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office, its main office is situated in Quezon City. There are regional offices all thoughout the country in which you can submit your application. The main goal of PCSO is to provide medical and health services to the needy sector of our society.

Lotto Agent Requirements  

  • Filipino citizenship
  • Atleast 21 years old of age

Forms to fill up and to submit

  • 3 latest ID pictures(2x2)
  • Letter of Intent
  • On-Line Lottery Personal Data sheet
  • Proof of Income
    • For Self-employed:
      • Income Tax Return(latest)
      • Registration of Business
      • Audited Financial Statements
    • For Employed:
      • Income Tax Return(latest)
      • Registration of Business
      • Audited Financial Statements
      • Certificate of Income
  • Proof of Ownership/Lease of Outlet
    • For Owner:
      • Land of Title or TCT
    • For Lease:
      • Contract of Lease
      • Building Owners authorization Form
  • NBI clearance
  • Location map of the proposed agency site
  • Photograph of the Vicnity
  • Photograph of the building
  • Latest residence Certificate
  • Barangay Clearance


Lotto Site Criteria 

  • 200-250 meters away from schools and places of worship, except if the location is enclosed or in a shopping center.
  • Good human traffic, i.e situated in commercial or busy intersections/areas. The location of the terminal/booth should be strategic if within a mall or superstore.
  • The area does not flood.
  • Floor space of 8-9 sq meters or available business center measuring at least 1.0m x 0.5m.
  • Preferably with atleast (1) telephone facility, landline or cellular for hotline operations. Such telephone (especially landline) should be situated at no more than one meter from proposed terminal location.
  • Enclosed(for security purposes) but with frontage for human entry. Frontage must face main road or to the direction of major traffic flow.
  • Dry floor space and proper ventilation (preferably air conditioned)
  • With regular power supply of 220 VAC, with grounding and available power points.
  • With available shelf/counter/cabinet/ for terminal installation, modern and storage of lottery materials. If not currently available, the agent will be advised on when to fabricate.
  • With operators to be made available for training in the operation of the terminals preferably one dedicated personnel and a break-up personnel per terminal. This agent will be advised on when the operators will be trained.
  • Major operating hours fall within 6 AM to 12 MN, seven(7) days a week.
  • At least 100 meters from existing lotto outlet or PDO. Excluding those inside malls.
  • Approved technical site survey by carier.

Application Fees 

Computer Line fee 17,000 PHP
Processing Fee 1,700 PHP
Total(one time payment) 18,700 PHP

Surety Bond (either the two ways)  

Bond premium per year 6,500 PHP
Cash bond (earning interest) 500,000 PHP 

Other expenses

Manpower wages, electricity, telephone, building, rental, and others is already subjective, hence may vary. 

Lotto Profit

For every sales of bet you will be entitled to 5% of profit. However from your profit it will still be tax deduct to 5%. Hence you got total of 4.5% profit per sales of lotto bet. 

Important Note
All sales for the day must be deposited on the next day to PCSO via Land bank.


In case that a bettor won the jackpot prize in your lotto outlet, you will have receive a percentage of their winnings.

PCSO Application Forms

  • Letter of Intent Form
  • Order of Installation Form
  • Personal Data sheet Form
  • Financial information Form
  • Proposed Outlet Particulars Form
  • Inspection Report Form

So there you go all the information you needed. I hope these information help you in someway and in case you have some inquiries don't hestitate to leave it to the comment section.

Before I end this article,  I think its better to let you know that I don't own any lotto outlet nor do I work for PCSO. The information that I'd relay was solely based on our effort in doing the researched on franchising lotto outlet which we initial plan to establish in Zamboanga City. So why did we not push through despite we got all the information we needed? The reason was that we were stucked on who can manage the lotto outlet as one of the criteria is the day to day remit of profit(all of the investor are all OFW, if only its monthly profit remit then its ok for one of our relatives can do it). And the other reason is that initially we thought our site is ideal but out of luck it did not pass the site criteria of PCSO.   

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